Minimonkey Mini-Sitz (Türkis) Price: 32,00 (as of 11/09/2020 17:35 PST- Details)

Flexibel, passend für fast jeden Stuhl.
6 bis 36 Monate.
Ideal für unterwegs.


The Minimonkey Minichair is a handy seat for your child. With the Minichair you can turn a regular chair into a kid?s seat in a snap.The Minimonkey minichair is a kind of „harness“ that will transform every seat, including a high chair, into a stable baby seat. The minichair has an ingenious patented design with 3 adjustable straps at the back of the chair that come together in a 3-point buckle. You use the two horizontal bands to put the baby in the chair and the vertical band, that runs in between the legs to the back of the chair, to make sure the baby will sit upright and does not slide down.It is also very easy to use, you put the harness on a chair, put the baby in it, click the 3-point buckle, pull the straps and ready! It?s compact design makes it a product that you will bring everywhere with you because it fits easily in your diaper bag.
Flexibel, passend für fast jeden Stuhl
+/- 6 – 36 Monate
Kompakt, einfach mitzunehmen
100% Baumwolle
Schnalle mit Sicherheitsschlaufe